Replacement Pads and Components

All pads associated with the ClearAccess table are sold individually. Damaged pads should be replaced immediately.

CA-10012 Supine Platform Removable solid table top with carbon fiber surface
CA-10013 Prone Platform Removable open configuration table top
CA-10014 Supine Platform Pad 80 x 19 x 2 in comfort pad
CA-10027 ClearAccess Head Support Variable height head support system
OF-40010 OpenFrame Spine Platform ClearAccess 4-poster configuration chest frame, including
chest and pelvic support systems, with chest pad and 2 pelvic pads
CA-10026 ClearAccess Arm Board Multi-directional arm board
CA-10016 Ankle Rest Resuable ankle rest
CA-10017 Thigh Pad Reusable thigh pad
CA-10024 ClearAccess Utility Lock All purpose equipment lock
CA-90001 Owners Manual Hard copy of the ClearAcccess® Owners Manual; the complete
Instructions for Use (IFU)
CA-10019 Cranial Stabilization Adapter Cranial Stabilization adapter accommodates most
cranial stabilization base units
CA-10020 Rope Traction Device Assembly For use only with Cranial Stabilization Adapter,
on the ClearAccess table
CA-10041 Head Support Tray Plexiglass head support tray
FF-30010 FlexFrame Spine Platform – ClearAccess FlexFrame for use with the ClearAccess table only
FF-30011 FlexFrame Spine Platform – Standalone FlexFrame for use on any flat operating surface
FF-30014 FlexFrame Comfort Pads Set of 2 FlexFrame pads
FF-30015 FlexFrame Spine Platform Lift Handle Replacement lift handle
FF-30016 FlexFrame Retaining Strap Kit Set of 4 FlexFrame Retaining Straps, for use with FlexFrame
Spine Platform – Standalone
OF-40013 OpenFrame Chest Support Carbon fiber chest support system of the OpenFrame
OF-40014 OpenFrame Pelvic Support Carbon fiber pelvic support system of the OpenFrame
OF-40019 OpenFrame Pads OpenFrame chest pad and 2 pelvic pads
OF-40020 OpenFrame Chest Pad OpenFrame chest pad
OF-40021 OpenFrame Pelvic Pad OpenFrame pelvic pad – set of 2