OpenFrame® Spine Platform

The OpenFrame spine platform is the ClearAccess version of a 4-poster spine frame.  The open configuration provides full decompression of the abdomen for microdiscectomies, laminectomies, spinal decompression, and fusion procedures. Mounted onto the ClearAccess table, the OpenFrame can be adjusted to accommodate patients of varying height and weight.  The chest and pelvic pads are constructed of 5 layers of foam to maximize patient comfort and minimize the risk of pressure sores.  Novel, heart-shaped chest pad is designed to accommodate the breasts of female patients.  The slanted pelvic pads are designed to nestle the patient into the OpenFrame, providing patient security when used with a safety strap.

OPEN ACCESS – Open configuration allows for normal lordosis of the lumbar spine and provides full decompression of the abdomen.

HIGHLY VERSATILE – Adjustable frame can accommodate patients of varying height and weight and can be used for a broad spectrum of procedures on any Operating Room table.

RADIOLUCENT – Fabricated from advanced plastics and carbon-fiber composite materials for complete radiolucency.

CONVENIENT – Quick set-up, easy to transport and store.

OF-40010 OpenFrame Spine Platform 4-poster chest frame. Includes chest and pelvic support systems, with chest pad and two pelvic pads.
OF-40013 OpenFrame Chest Support Carbon fiber chest support system of the OpenFrame
OF-40014 OpenFrame Pelvic Support Carbon fiber pelvic support system of the OpenFrame
OF-40019 OpenFrame Pads OpenFrame chest pads and 2 pelvic pads
OF-40020 OpenFrame Chest Pad OpenFrame Chest Pad
OF-40020 OpenFrame Pelvic Pads OpenFrame Pelvic Pads – set of 2
OF-40024 OpenFrame Disposable Kit (Case of 20) 1 fabric chest pad cover, 2 fabric pelvic pad covers per kit; case of 20 kits